PowerBerry Application for BME280 pressure, temperature, humidity controller
air conditioning, dehumidifier, fan, heating ..

act like a weather station and SHARE your data on GLOBE

In the setting page:
- trim the data acquisition parameter,
- MIn and Max value for GPIO pin activation;
- abilitation for SHARE the data on the GLOBE PWB page.


This App is included in SUP. Get it from your DashBoard Page (LOGIN).

BME280 is a nice sensor for pressure, temperature, humidity that you can find from many sources and in different arrangement.

This App (now V3) monitor in two graph, 10 minutes or 24hours, the trends (P/T/H) of the measures , and can be configured:
- to set GPIO signals for values less then a minumun or greater then a maximum;
- to share the data on the GLOBE page of the PowerBerry site.


see BME280 resources blog: making BME280the GLOBE project pagesee the Project on Hackster.io